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General Questions

What's Great Dwellings?
What is Great Dwellings response to Covid-19?
Who can benefit from the services provided by Great Dwellings?

Service & Support

How can Great Dwellings help me?
What is a  short term rental?
How much does Great Dwellings charge?
What requirements must my home meet?
Where is Great Dwellings available?
What should I do if I’m interested?
How and when can I contact the customer service for Great Dwellings?
Should I already have a listing on Airbnb, HomeAway, or a similar platform?
Who should contact Great Dwellings?
What happens to my home?
Who rents the home?
What is the process in the short-term rental?
How will the ‘guests’ gain access to my home?
Do I have to provide anything?
I have a cleaning person. Do you have to clean the home?
Do I have to worry about anything myself?
What happens in case of damage?
What measures are being taken to ensure the safety of my property?
Why is an in-person meeting necessary?
Can I use my own home photos?
How do I start with the full range of services at Great Dwellings?
What is the ‘25-percent model’?
How much money do I get for my home?
Who is Great Dwellings?
What services do Great Dwellings provide?
What makes the ‘Great Dwellings team’?
What are the advantages to my guests?
What makes Great Dwellings a great choice?
How does Great Dwellings create a great ad?
Can I rent my home via Great Dwellings?
What is the process for creating a new ad?
Does Great Dwellings decorate my home?
Why should I have to take pictures for Great Dwellings?
What exactly happens with the listing
For how long can guests book my home?
How does the marketing of the ad work?
Can I hire my own cleaning team?
What distinguishes the Great Dwellings housekeeper from other cleaning companies?
Do you offer an à la carte service?
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