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Multi-Family Housing Solutions

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Long-Term Rental Alternatives

Increase NOI through Short-Term Rentals

With properties in 3 countries and a 5-star reputation, Great Dwellings delivers consistent quality and renters alike. Multi-family housing owners and real estate developers rely on us for their turn-key, short-term rental marketing and management.

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Significant, Higher Income

Increase Returns 160+% vs. Long-Term Rentals

We’ve partnered with developers and investors to create premium, high-quality short-term rental units, floors, and buildings to increase return, add flexibility, and reduce the risks and challenges of long-term tenancy.

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Hands-Free Investing

Full Service Property Management

Great Dwellings was founded in 2017 to deliver best-practice, full-service STR management for property owners. With a focus on customer service, operational excellence, and exceptional guest marketing, we deliver world-class results.

We manage the guest function from marketing to vetting; customer service to guest exits. We perform full-service property management, or partner with LTR management when buildings are a combination of guests and tenants.

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Décor Curation

We design and manage design and furnishing acquisition to ensure an exceptional guest experience coupled with logistics ease.

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Better Performance

We deliver the highest RevPAR and ROI yield in our markets through promotional excellence, stellar guest reviews, and dynamic pricing.

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Stellar Guest Experience

Our 5-Star Quality Assurance anticipates and responds to guest needs pre-trip, during their stay, and after they have returned home satisfied.


We know real estate.

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Our Management Experience

Over $250 Million in Assets Under Management Worldwide

  1. We serve small and large developers, hotel owners, limited partnerships, private equity, family offices, and investors.
  2. We partner with Condo Developments in Mexico and the US, serving as their branded or white-label rental office, speeding condo sales, enhancing project value, and generating incremental revenue.
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We Believe in Hard-Working Professionalism

We design, curate, and showcase the property at its most stunning, including services like professional property photography we compose listings and facilitate high quality reviews

Continuous Market Optimization

Periodically, our team of experts reviews each property to assess its strengths, opportunities, and value as the market evolves

Review Management

We provide full monitoring and interaction to your guest reviews to maintain your listing reputation across all booking channels.

When You Win, We Win

We actively promote the property and attract guests to consistently generate more bookings.

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Case Study

65% NOI increase over Long Term

In 2022, a metro-area MFH real estate investment group converted a six-unit building from long-term to short-term rentals. After a year, they yielded annual net profits that went from $150k to $247k; a 65% increase.

This is the group’s third STR project and it led to value beyond revenue such as lease-up speed and increased building valuation. Projects and applications for STR include commercial conversion, condo conversion, purpose-built projects, and acquisitions.

Case Study Continued

Our Solution: Thoughtful Management and a Re-imagined Listing

After a short discussion with the owner, the Dewl team reviewed the property with a simple question: where can we infuse this property with love? We presented our plan and a quote for a master lease, signed it on March 1, and the rest is history.15 days and $15,000 later, the property was refurnished, redecorated, and totally reimagined. More importantly, it was ready to rent out. In the final two weeks of March, the property rented and generated 90% of our ideal monthly lease rate. In the second month, we garnered over 200% of the monthly lease.The property began to see return on investment (ROI) within six months, with an internal rate of return (IRR) of a staggering 194%.

And we were just getting started.

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