December 23, 2021

Become the Best Airbnb Host: How-to Guide

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Every rental property owner wants to do a fantastic job and become the best Airbnb host. This is especially true ever since Airbnb took over the world by storm. Clearly, the competition is tougher nowadays in the short-term rental biz. So what does it take to be the ultimate host?

There are many ways you can offer your guests an exceptional experience—letting them know you prioritize their satisfaction. Read on below as we give you some useful tips to be the best Airbnb host.

Keep Guests Readily-Informed

Giving your guests as much important information as possible before and during their stay can guarantee a seamless experience. It’s okay to be upfront. So don’t forget to provide clear, succinct check-in and check-out instructions and house rules beforehand.

And when they arrive, it should be easy for them to find instructions for appliances and electronics, fireplaces, etc. To become the best Airbnb host, also remember to leave your contact details if they have a question or need help on anything.

Assist Your Guests In Exploring Your City

Perhaps it’s your guests’ first time visiting your city. As such, you may want to give them a city map when they arrive. Brownie points if you add a helpful ‘You are here’ mark, pointing at your Airbnb’s exact location.

You may also want to inform your guests where they can get various services like tourist information, nearest supermarkets, convenience stores, and shopping malls, the best cafes, restaurants, and bars, etc.

It would be a huge help if you can provide a brief explanation of the public transportation system from your property to the central areas.

Why not write a document with fun things to do and see in your area and transportation tips? Stick it on your fridge, and this would serve as your guests’ personal guide.

Remember, it’s always about the little things!

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The Best Airbnb Host Keeps It Clean

Your rental unit should always be spotlessly clean for guests. This means the bathroom should be flawless, and trash bins should be empty. Furniture, appliances, and other furnishings should also be dust-free. There should be zero signs of previous guests.

Here at Great Dwellings, it’s part of our service to ensure your home rental is absolutely pristine and tidy before your guests arrive and after they leave. We have a professional cleaning team that takes care of this for you.

Anticipate Your Guests’ Needs

To become the best Airbnb host, you just need to put yourself in your guests’ shoes. Think about what they will need and want for a smooth, hassle-free stay.

This can mean ensuring the kitchen has enough dishes to accommodate the group size. Is your kitchen equipped with pots, pans, and utensils that would let your guests prepare various types of meals? Make sure your pantry has basic necessities like cooking oil, salt, pepper, sugar, and other spices. Throw in a roll of paper towel, too.

The bathroom should have enough towels for all the guests, a few rolls of toilet paper, soap, and other essential toiletries. Hairdryers in each bathroom would also be lovely.

Don’t forget to supply a basic emergency and first aid kit as well. This can contain an umbrella, a flashlight, some medicines, and adhesive bandages.

Go The Extra Mile

Going the extra mile for your guests will distinguish a good host from the best Airbnb host. This essentially means going beyond basic needs.

Is your rental home in the wine country? If so, ensure you have excellent quality wine glasses. If not, provide them still just because! Even better if you can welcome your guests with a free bottle of wine. Or a fruit basket, maybe?

What about offering them thick, fluffy towels along with premium toiletries? While you’re at it, consider providing luxurious beds with soft, comfy beddings!

These seemingly little gestures can, by far, outweigh how special your guests would feel about your home and overall hospitality.

And it’s these unexpected but thoughtful touches that can set your hosting prowess way above the competition.

Be Available And Responsive

To become the best Airbnb host means being always available and responsive whenever your guests need something. It starts from the time they inquire about your property until they check out. It’s critical to reply promptly to prospects because if you don’t, another property owner surely will.

Note that you should keep a high level of responsiveness throughout their stay. If you’re not locally available, be sure to assign a local contact person who guests can call with any questions.

As part of our worry-free rental services, we are available 24/7 for guest inquiries and emergencies.

Fix It

It’s not easy to be the best Airbnb host all the time. Things can sometimes go wrong. Just like in any business, you will encounter complaints and problems. This can be miscommunication, amenity issues, plumbing problems, etc.

The key here is to address it right away. This could translate to a sincere apology (a definite must!), a partial refund, and so on. Deal with the concern as you see fit ASAP to avoid any unwanted stress, headache, and possible negative review.

Becoming the best Airbnb host can be challenging, particularly when you’re just starting out. But it can be incredibly rewarding as well. One thing you should remember is always to put your guests first—their needs, preferences, and requests. Your guests would surely know and acknowledge when you’re making an effort to give them an awesome experience.

Let this article guide you! And as always, Great Dwellings is here to help further boost your rental property business! Apply to be a host now.

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