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Airbnb Market is Exploding!

Airbnb market is exploding and changing real estate sales in DC. DC's short term rentals are generating the most revenue in history. Great Dwellings is DC’s largest short term rental property manager, and our client  income is 20% higher than all the others.

More buyers than ever are looking to put their new or existing property on the Airbnb market. Great Dwellings can help sell that property faster, with a custom income proforma for your exclusive use.

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We’ll provide a beautiful two-page data sheet showing impressive, accurate revenue projections on each property you list that no one else can match.

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Our Method

Great Dwellings uses 4 data sources

Including our own historical numbers to provide extremely accurate revenue based on property type, amenities and specific location.  We have revenue, cost, seasonality and trend data.  

The result?  You deliver value to the seller and buyer that others can’t provide. The cost? Nothing to you.

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