November 8, 2021

Airbnb Decoration Tips For Your Rental Property

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News flash! You need Great Dwellings’ Airbnb decoration tips. With Airbnb’s evident popularity these days, the short-term rental industry has exploded. This makes the rental property market extra competitive now more than ever.

Inevitably, customers can be as discerning as they please, as their choices are endless. So what does it mean for a property owner like you?

This means you need to step up your game. One of the best ways to do that is by beautifying your short-term rental a bit. With an attractive and furnished unit, you can stand out from your competitors.

Sure, it can be a little daunting to think about interior design, especially if you’re clueless where to start. Say no more! Great Dwellings is here to help. Check out below our short-term rental decorating tips to make your space pop and ultimately, increase bookings.

Define Your Target Guests

Knowing the type of renters you’re targeting from the start will make your decoration process easier. So before you go on a shopping haul, think about your ideal guests and what your rental home can offer.

For instance, you may find that the size and layout of your unit are more geared towards families or friends. If it’s on the cozier side, maybe promote it as a romantic vacation rental for newlyweds and other couples.

If your unit is in the business district of Washington, you can go for a minimalistic, monochromatic furnishings to suit business travelers. Throw in a few work amenities, such as an ample-sized office desk, lightning fast WiFi, and a printer or scanner. Maybe even a coffee maker with gourmet coffee beans would be nice.

“…Once you have your home looking good, it’s time to hire an experienced property manager to take care of your place.”
– see: Getting Started With Airbnb? Here’s How To Be Successful

Determine Your Budget

Our Airbnb decoration tips don’t have to cost more than you’re willing to spend. Stick to your budget as much as possible but ensure you have a buffer for any unforeseen extras.

Without depleting your bank account, you can find a ton of home décor stores online and in real life offering unique pieces of furniture and decorations that can add a dash of pizzazz to your rental.

Browse what’s out there and choose those fashionable yet functional items that can make your short-term rental shine and cool enough to be Instagram-worthy.

Look For Design Inspiration Online

After figuring out your budget, you can now begin brainstorming for decoration ideas. There’s really no better place to go than the all-encompassing, all-knowing World Wide Web. The Internet has loads of envy-inducing interior design ideas, particularly Pinterest & Instagram.

Don’t forget to use hashtags and keywords relevant to the style you’re aiming for when searching for design inspiration or Airbnb decoration tips.

You may also want to follow interior design magazines, home and furniture stores, and design studios for their updates on new design inspirations.

Pin or save all your favorite posts in a special board or category to easily organize them.

Bonus and optional: See your competitors’ rental properties to know what their interior designs look like. Now promise yourself to outdo them. No pressure!

Invest In Sturdy, Good Quality Furniture

During high season, your Airbnb rental will have to accommodate more incoming guests. Consequently, your furniture will also experience a lot of wearing and beating. Because let’s face it. While guests will mostly be respectful of your rental space, accidents are unavoidable.

Hence, investing in quality furniture is indispensable. Picking ones that are more resistant to scratching, breaking or staining is smart and will certainly save you money in the long run.

If something catastrophic happened, you can charge guests for it. You can even require a damage deposit for possible casualties. Doing this also makes renters feel a bigger sense of accountability for your property.

Add A Lick Of Paint

Re-painting your vacation property is an easy short-term rental decorating tip. Easy but the aesthetic impact is enormous, especially on the quality of renters you draw.

A fresh coat of paint can instantly make your rental appear newer and brighter. This is particularly true if it’s been looking gloomy for years. Not to mention, a simple painting job is an inexpensive change.

Plus, a newly painted Airbnb property gives tenants an extra psychological boost when touring it. Because it’s just more attractive than a worn one.

Just make sure you choose the right paint color for your walls—something that will appeal to all but without appearing bland. Nothing too crazy like pink or orange. Select a lighter version of a nice, neutral color. Think lighter shades of grey, beige, off-white and tan.

For the trim, opt for a shade of white and a semi-gloss finish to make it pop even more.

Offer Ample Lighting

Having ample lighting is essential to any vacation rental. Because lighting will have a major impact on how potential tenants visualize your space. Aside from using lights to create an illusion of spaciousness, you can mix and match various lighting fixtures like spotlights, hanging bulbs, table or desk lamps to brighten up different parts of your house.

One area that needs to be lit well is the kitchen to help prevent any accidents when your guests are cooking. Make it convenient for them to see what they’re chopping and you’ll definitely keep your property free of kitchen mishaps.

Properly lit hallways, bathrooms, and living rooms also offer a much more pleasant time for any renter. Above all, good lighting keeps guests worry-free about stumbling in the dark. You, on the other hand, will gain satisfied guests and repeat customers.

Choose Safe But Crowd-Pleasing Airbnb Decoration

While there’s nothing wrong with showcasing your style in your Airbnb decoration, it’s better to choose those that have mass appeal. This is especially applicable with colors, patterns and designs.

Avoid any loud paint colors, strange art choices, or weird textiles. They may likely put off a big chunk of your prospects. So stay on the conservative side as much as possible with your decoration choices.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish, though! You can always feature creative art pieces from a local artist, for example. Or add color or oomph to your rental using interesting coffee table books, pitchers, lamps and centerpieces.

Imagine how your rental will look in photos because guests will use them when deciding whether or not they’d proceed with the booking or showing. Simply follow these Airbnb decoration tips above to help you prettify your rental property and acquire more renters.

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