November 15, 2021

Airbnb Listing Description: How To Do It Right

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Airbnb listing photos grab the guests’ attention. However, Airbnb descriptions make them book. That’s why it’s important that your description is on-point.

If it’s boring, wordy and full of spelling and grammatical errors, your potential guests will simply hop on to the next listing.

Don’t let less-than-stellar rental description turn away bookings! Here are some tips and tricks to write an attractive Airbnb listing description:

Provide Answers To FAQs Beforehand

Be proactive in answering frequently asked questions. Put yourself in your guests’ shoes. What would you like to know about your rental property?

A few examples of guest questions:

  • How far is your short-term rental from the closest bus stop or train station?
  • What type of beds do you have in the bedrooms?
  • Are there any good restaurants and bars nearby?
  • A grocery store or shopping mall within the area?
  • Are pets allowed?

Giving this information in advance also eliminates actual future inquiries, saving you time in the process. Plus, doing this helps prospective guests better understand the subtleties of your rental unit, letting them make an informed decision.

Airbnb Listing - Airbnb Listing Description: How to Do it Right

Offer Clear But Succinct Airbnb Listing Description

Imagine seeing the space for the 1st time. Try to depict its condition, style, ambiance, etc. But be clear and succinct, as many Airbnb renters are busy and last-minute travelers.

Thus, a long and hard to read Airbnb listing description won’t do them any good. Be sure to also customize your rental description according to your target guests.


  • For families with kids, mention the fully-equipped kitchen or entertainment room, and stairgates, non-slip floors and other child-safe amenities.
  • For corporate travelers, talk about super speedy and steady WiFi connection, ergonomic work desk and chair, and quick access to the central business district.

Specifics And Details Matter

Generic rental description = boring. So don’t forget the details!

List down and describe the # of rooms, bed types (soft or firm?), # of bathrooms, pool type, and others feature and amenities.

But include only valuable and or interesting information. Any irrelevant and unnecessary details on your Airbnb listing description will only frustrate and distract guests from finding the information they need.

For example, instead of saying “There’s a TV in the living room,” which is fine but dull. Do better by specifying: “Living room is equipped with a 60-inch Samsung HDTV with FREE Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu.”

Highlight Your USP And Or Extras And Best Features

USP is Unique Selling Points. When optimizing Airbnb listing, be sure to feature what’s unique and special about your home rental. This is especially crucial if the competition in your area is tough.

You need to level up to make your property shine. Is it near famous tourist spots or restaurants and bars? Don’t forget to highlight that, including any extras you’re offering.

Some added perks that are cheap but will boost your tenants’ overall experience:

  • Public transportation cards to help them easily explore your city
  • Well-stocked fridge and pantry
  • A bike to go around in bike-friendly cities
  • Free smartphone use when guests need a local line

Organize And Optimize Your Rental Description

Avoid writing a big wall of text in your Airbnb listing description. It’s just an eye-sore and hard to read. Besides, Internet readers are scanners. They simply skim through the information to find what they need.

Hence, make your rental description easily digestible. The easier it is to read, the better.

2 ways to organize and optimize your Airbnb listing description:

  1. Use bullets or numbers (and or other special characters) with short sentences to list features and amenities, and emphasize points.
  2. Use ALL CAPS headers to divide different sections.

Have A ‘Call To Action’

Listing all your property’s assets and amenities is futile if there’s no call to action. A call to action is a closing line that urges people to act.

When a potential renter has read through your Airbnb listing description til the end, it’s highly likely he/she’s interested. You just need to say what to do next and seal the deal!

Some closing phrases that will encourage them to book:

  • “I’m excited to host travelers from around the world. Contact me soon to confirm your booking.”
  • “Looking forward to hearing from you! Message me to book my apartment soon.”
  • “Would love to be a part of your vacation in DC! Get in touch with me soon to reserve your Airbnb.”
  • “My unit is in demand and my calendar is filling up fast in the next coming months. Be sure to make a reservation soon or contact me for more details.”

Review And Edit It

If you sometimes confuse there, their and they’re, it’s okay. Most rental owners are not writers.

But before publishing your Airbnb listing description, be sure to re-read your writing to catch any mistakes.

A poorly-written rental description will make a bad first impression and turn off many prospects.

If possible, have someone else proofread it and offer feedback. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes is needed to spot a blunder.

You can also use many spelling and grammar tools online to check and correct any errors.

We know Airbnb listing optimization is not easy but it’s not rocket science either. Just keep in mind these rental description tips above to improve your listing. And remember, we got you!

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No need to worry about looking after your vacation rental or attending to listing inquiries. Let’s get you started today!

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