January 5, 2022

Common Airbnb Guest Complaints: How To Avoid Them

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Get ready to face Airbnb guest complaints if you’re planning to rent out your home. Rental issues happen—even to the best hosts. After all, we’re only humans who make mistakes. But let’s not forget that these problems, big or small, can quickly turn into a bad review. And we certainly don’t want that.

Worry not, as most of these issues can be fixed easily or prevented altogether. Check out below some of the most common Airbnb guest complaints and how to avoid them.

Unresponsive Host Or Slow Communication

Nothing irks guests more than an unresponsive host. And being responsive to their concerns is one of the easiest ways to impress them. Ideally, guests want a round-the-clock contact similar to a hotel’s reception. Understandably, you might be unable to reply on a real-time basis all the time because you’re maybe busy, in a different time zone, etc.

But as your guests check in and get settled, be sure to reply to inquiries promptly to avoid Airbnb guest complaints. You may want to leave other options to quickly contact you like your mobile #, WhatsApp, etc.

To totally ensure you don’t miss any message from your guests, let Great Dwellings manage your property. We have a dedicated team who handles guest communication—and fixes any issues in a timely manner.

A Dirty Home Is A Common Airbnb Guest Complaint

Cleaning your Airbnb isn’t as simple as it sounds. This requires more than just vacuuming the floor and taking the trash out. This means getting rid of cobwebs on the ceilings, red wine spills on the carpet, rust stains in the sink, etc.

Besides, guests expect your rental unit to be as clean as or cleaner than an upscale hotel room. And they wouldn’t think twice about commenting about any spot that you missed when they leave an Airbnb review.

This Airbnb guest complaint can be easily avoided when you get a cleaning pro to do the dirty work for you, literally. What’s great is, with Great Dwellings as your property manager, we got you covered. Rest assured, your place is kept clean and well-maintained to a professional level every time a guest arrives.

Inaccurate Listing Description

One of the easiest ways to get an Airbnb complaint (and a bad review) is by misinforming in your listing description. That’s why it’s crucial to be completely honest when describing your home rental. It’s fine if your property isn’t perfect. There’s no such thing! Just be upfront. Never oversell and mislead about what your Airbnb has to offer. Also, your guests will see them anyway, so no point in lying.

Guests will even appreciate it if you disclose even the not so attractive things like strict house rules (ex. no loud noise or parties allowed after 10 p.m.) and or extra costs (ex. a security deposit).

Being accurate also applies to your photographs. By depicting your rental accurately, you will avoid any unpleasant surprises while giving guests realistic expectations.

Problems With Amenities

After accurately describing your rental property, you need to double-check that all the mentioned amenities are in tip-top shape. No one wants a defective air conditioner, heater, fridge, microwave and WiFi system. Guests will surely be disappointed and furious even of a clogged toilet and bathroom.

And while guests can be tolerant of minor issues, say, a broken but rarely used kitchen tool, ensure that major appliances and systems are all working properly. Sure, the inevitable happens sometimes. But not all guests will be understanding. Some will translate such an Airbnb issue to a destructive review. Yikes! That’s why regular inspection and maintenance are critical.

Also, don’t forget to mention in advance if a particular tool is busted. That’s the least that you can do. Consider keeping spare items that your guests can use while an item is being fixed.

Missing Or Low Supplies

Another common Airbnb guest complaint is having low or missing supplies. Note that you’re vying with other rentals and on top of other lodging options like hotels and inns. And it’s pretty easy to ask for an extra towel or blanket for free or at a minimal price. So make sure your Airbnb has enough stock of basic items.

Extra supplies add a huge deal of convenience to your guests. This is even more important if you have amenities that demand great usage. For instance, you have a jacuzzi or pool—you will then need additional towels to allow for multiple dips throughout a booking. Now, if your Airbnb is in the Arctic or snowy location, see to it that you got many extra blankets to keep your guest warm and cozy.

It will be awesome if you can also stock up on disposable items like paper towels, toilet paper, etc.

Unable To Access The Property

Most of your guests will likely be coming from faraway places and thus, tired from traveling. Some maybe even a bit grumpy. The last thing they wish is to discover that they can’t get into your Airbnb.

This common Airbnb problem can be rectified easily, as there are many different security systems nowadays to choose from. You can personally hand a traditional key, text a code to a lockbox with a key or a passcode to a keyless, smart lock. The key here, pun unintended, is that your guests should be able to open the front door and or gate hassle-free.

As such, don’t forget to offer crystal clear instructions and double-check any passcode, making sure they’re correct. As a back-up plan, you may even opt to leave an extra key with a trusted neighbor or contact person if you can’t personally meet your guests when they arrive.

As logistics behind key exchange can be quite challenging for a busy or faraway homeowner, allow us to get this done for you. Key exchange service is one of the benefits of hiring Great Dwellings as your property manager. No need to worry, as there will always be someone there to meet your guests via our 24/7 reception team.

No Big Deal

Most of these common Airbnb guest complaints are certainly avoidable with some careful planning and preventive effort. Just keep in mind these pointers above for your guidance. Also, it’s impossible to please every guest. You will encounter a complaint or two every now and then. So try your best to reply in an apologetic and empathetic way. And of course, rectify the situation right away.

Don’t want to think about these potential headaches or you simply have no time to spare? No problem. Great Dwellings is here to take care of these issues for you so you don’t have to. Maximize your Airbnb’s earning potential minus the unwanted stress! Sign up today to get started.

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