August 26, 2021

How To Find Good Guests For Airbnb

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How to Find Good Guests for Airbnb

#1. Always Communicate With Potential Guests Using Airbnb Platform

#2. Check The Guest’s Reviews

#3. Accept Guests With Existing History on Airbnb

#4. Draw Your Checklist

#5. Verifications

#6. Social Connections

#7. Avoid Non-Responsive Guests


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How To Find Good Guests For Airbnb

As of September 2020, over 800 million guests have used Airbnb. And although there are no verified statistics, many new hosts find themselves falling victim to terrible guests.

If you are listing for the first time, it is natural for you to be concerned about your safety and ensure you get only the right persons into your home.

In this article, you’ll learn out the best tips for getting only reliable and trustworthy guests. Let’s ride!

#1. Always Communicate With Potential Guests Using Airbnb Platform

The first red flag to identify unreliable and untrustworthy guests is that they are always quick to look for ways to cut corners.

First, they try to cheat Airbnb by attempting to communicate with hosts outside the platform. On a first look, it may appear great since you wouldn’t have to split profits with Airbnb.

But on the flip side, you’re jeopardizing your security and may put yourself in harm’s way.

Although no platform is foolproof, Airbnb has put many measures to reduce the occurrence of scams, including proper identity checks. In addition, each Airbnb reservation includes $1,000,000 worth of liability insurance and $1,000,000 worth of property damage insurance. Hosting a guest outside of Airbnb eliminates these protections.

#2. Check The Guest’s Review

Airbnb reviews are quite genuine because hosts can only review a guest after a reservation. As such, the reviews are based on experience. A guest with a poor review of about 4.0 or less is probably not the best for you.

For best results, reliable and trustworthy guests should have 4.5-star ratings or more.

Beyond having a good rating, read the guest’s review and see what other hosts think of them.

Be aware if the review is for this guest specifically or for another group that the guest was simply a part of.

#3. Accept Guests With Existing History On Airbnb

There is always a first time for anybody using Airbnb. However, the only challenge you may face when accepting first-time guests is that you’ve got no review of them to read.

That means you can’t tell how much of a reliable and trustworthy guest they are until you’ve hosted them.

Most times, the guests end up being friendly and worthwhile. But if you’re skeptical, you may stick to only guests with existing reviews from other hosts.

#4. Draw Your Checklist

No one knows you better than yourself. That said, you’re in the best position to see what you’re looking for in a guest and what gives you the red flag.

A checklist is a reflection of the qualities of what your potential Airbnb guests should possess. This, of course, should not include race, gender, and religion.

For instance, your checklist could be based on neatness, alcohol or smoking habits, noise, and several other things you wouldn’t want your guest to do in your house.

Once your checklist is complete, use it whenever new guests buzz you up on the platform. You could check their reviews and see if other hosts complained about any of the stuff you don’t want.

#5. Verifications

A sure way of having reliable and trustworthy guests is to check if they’ve got the verified ID badge.

Guests with this badge have undergone the different existing levels of verification on Airbnb.

Fraudulent guests wouldn’t risk going through this process.

However, if you work solely with this yardstick, you may find it challenging to get a guest because most Airbnb guests have not completed their verification.

If you’re considering lowering your vetting standards, ensure the guest has uploaded at least one or more valid means of identification.

#6. Social Connections

Airbnb now allows its users to connect their social media handles to their Airbnb account.

This makes it far easier to narrow your search for reliable and trustworthy guests.

You could easily browse their social media profiles and know the kind of persons they are and whether they meet your checklist. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram are all great options.

Also, you can check your mutual friends with the guests and see the reviews they might have dropped. Isn’t that fascinating?

#7. Avoid Non-Responsive Guests

It can be pretty challenging when you encounter guests that are unresponsive to your messages on Airbnb.

It’s probably the first red flag you should look out for when accepting a potential guest. The reason is that it makes it difficult to give out the kind of person the guest is.

However, in some instances, some seemingly unresponsive guests may turn out to be great. But to be on the safe side, strive to have a decent conversation with your guests before they show up at your house. One idea is to ask the potential guest what their plans are during their stay. You can frame the question as your way of being a better host. Ex) “Would you mind sharing your plans during your stay in _______? If I have any recommendations/local advice, I’ll be sure to share it with you!”


Finding reliable and trustworthy guests on Airbnb isn’t that difficult after all. The low rate of scams on the platform is a green light that you may have a great time with your guests.

Nonetheless, it’s better safe than sorry. As long as you heed these seven tips and work with Airbnb safety guidelines, you can rest assured that you’ll have a great experience. Happy hosting!

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