July 7, 2021

The Lesser Known Benefits Of Superhost Status

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Anyone who wants to become a Superhost or is currently a Superhost of Airbnb knows that it takes a high degree of dedication.  No one can guarantee five-star ratings, so putting yourself in the best position for this status takes work.  Superhost status spotlights this high level of effort and can benefit the host significantly.

Commonly known perks include greater exposure on the Airbnb platform.  Airbnb gives priority placement in search results and allows searches for Superhost-only listings.  You also receive a Superhost status badge on your profile.  This badge is an immediate, positive visual representation of excellent hosting. It allows guests to feel secure and confident when booking your property and, most importantly, is proven to increase booking rates. Also, Superhost status gives way to VIP status which includes priority support during phone calls, invites to Airbnb events, and early invites to new features of Airbnb.

All of these benefits are definitely helpful.  But there is more! Let’s begin with a situation where a host discovers property damage upon a guest checking out. Sometimes, this can easily be resolved with a simple damage resolution claim to the guest. Ideally, the guest owns up to the damage, and the compensation is provided. However, in some instances, the guest will not accept blame for the damages.  If this is the case, a host has the ability to involve Airbnb via the Resolution Center.  This can be done if the guest disagrees with your claim or they don’t respond within 72 hours. After that, it is up to an Airbnb case manager to decide the verdict. This can be quite nerve-racking as your claim is put into the hands of an arbitrator. It’s not a pleasant situation, and this is where the Superhost status can have real advantages.

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Airbnb is more likely to give the benefit of the doubt to a host with Superhost status. It’s more than just a shiny badge on your profile — it’s evidence that Airbnb can trust you in a dispute. Damage resolutions for non-Superhosts can require much more back and forth with Airbnb. (Additional photographic evidence, licensed contractor quotes, etc…)

Being a Superhost isn’t just a way to boost bookings and get better listings, it is also a way to show your dedication as a host and it is only right that work is rewarded and recognized.

Great Dwellings is proud to manage listings where 90% of our property owners are considered Superhosts. Great Dwellings is a preeminent full-service property management company that makes it easy for homeowners to make more money from their homes on sites like Airbnb.  We take the hassle out of hosting, helping busy vacation rental owners rent out their homes by optimizing pricing, screening guests, key management, cleaning, guest transportation, maintenance, as well as being available for emergencies 24/7!  We are proud to be graduates of the famed Y Combinator Startup School and members of 1776 (tech incubators).

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